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Astrea:  We have not offered Astrea prior to Sept 2015, but, after improvements made, we are happy to offer a more economical liveaboard option for Darwin and Wolf which is nicer than large fleet liveaboards I've been on in other countries. She is 25 mt in length / approximately 85 ft and cruises at 8 knots. The itinerary includes up to 19 dives and 3 land visits. 
Amenities: All cabins offer bunk beds and private heads with AC, hot water, reading lamps and storage space. Main and upper deck cabins have windows.  Lower deck cabins have portholes.  The salon and dining area are spacious with an entertainment center in the salon.  For those prone to allergies, all flooring is new teak...no carpet.  The dive deck is set up on 2 levels with the upper level being where wetsuits are stored and the bottom level offering individual dive stations where tanks and gear are set up.  The dive deck has a bathroom as well as showers with warm water,  a camera table and a rinse tank.

Rates:  2016 rates are $3917 pp. plus $130 for Nitrox.  2017 rates are $4460 pp. plus Nitrox. Rate does not include alcohol or soda.  Discounts: No

Itinerary:  Departures are from Baltra on Tuesday.

Day 1 Tue:  Arrive Baltra.  Check Dive
Day 2 Wed:  AM: Dive Bartolome.  PM:  Dive Cousins Rock.
Day 3 Thu:  Wolf
Day 4 Fri:  Darwin
Day 5 Sat:  AM: Darwin.  PM: Wolf
Day 6 Sun:  AM:  Punta Vicente Roca.  PM:  Cabo Marshall
Day 7 Mon:  AM:  Pinzon.  PM:  Darwin Station land visit.
Day 8 Tue: AM:  Santa Cruz Highlands.  Departure.

Total Dives:  Up to 19 dives
Total Land visits:  2

Equipment Rental: A full kit rental is $275 for the week. 

Official Flight: Avianca Airlines

Tue: Flight AV 1632. Departs UIO 07:05 AM.  Departs GYE 08:40 AM.  Arrives GPS 09:30 AM
Tue: Flight AV 1633.  Departs GPS 10:10 AM.  Arrives GYE 13:00 PM.  Arrives UIO 14:35 PM

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AGGRESSOR:  Their itinerary averages 19 dives + 1 night dive and 2 land visits. The Aggressor offers a variety during the low season and more  concentration on Wolf and Darwin in the high season. The Aggressor has excellent  service. Hot towels and hot chocolate immediately after returning from a dive, in-room  coffee service, complete photo equipment for underwater photographers and more.

AMENITIES: Entertainment center, featuring a TV/ DVD/CD stereo player and an  assortment of movies - Star gazing. Partially covered deck with hot tub and an  assortment of sitting areas with tables - Partially covered sun deck with chase lounges, complete wet bar, assortment of sitting areas, 2 hammocks - Bar-b-que grill area - Eegant dining area with “sit down” style dining - Full-service galley with freezer and refrigerator storage.

DIVING AMENITIES: Dive deck with personal gear lockers, freshwater showers, rinse tank, and camera table - Scuba diving equipment rental - Weights, weight belts, 80-cu. ft. aluminum tanks with use standard “K” valves for with standard yoke regulators - 2 Bauer air/nitrox compressors - Nitrox Filtration System.

RATES:  Rate until 6 July 2016 is $5595 pp. After 6 July, rate is $5795 pp. Fuel surcharge included. Nitrox $100. All cabins assigned on a first come first serve basis.  Only upper deck converts to 1 bed.  Discounts:  A $100 discount is available to Teachers (active or retired), High School or College Students up to 22 years old,  Seniors 65 and over, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, EMS, Airline Pilots, Flight Attendants, Airline Employees.  A $200 discount is available to non-divers, consecutive charter bookings (within 30 days) and the 3rd trip you book aboard any Aggressor fleet yacht within 12 months.

ITINERARY:  Departures are from Baltra on Thursday.

Day 1 Thu:  Arrival. Check In - Check Dive
Day 2 Fri: AM: Punta Carrion. PM: 1 dive Bartolome and Pinnacle land visit.
Day 3 Sat:  Wolf and 1 night dive
Day 4 Sun: Jan-May: AM: Darwin PM: Wolf  / June -Dec: Darwin
Day 5 Mon: Jan-May: Cabo Marshall  /  June -Dec: AM: Darwin PM Wolf
Day 6 Tue: AM: Cabo Douglas. PM:  Punta Vicente Roca
Day 7 Wed: AM: Cousins Rock 1 dive. PM: Highlands of Santa Cruz and Charles Darwin Research Station
Day 8 Thu:  Departure

Total Dives: Up to 19
Total Land visits: 3

Equipment Rental: Full kit rental $245 includes BC, Regulator, Computer, Dive Light, Mask, Fins and Snorkel. Hoods, gloves and booties at no charge with wetsuit rental.

Official Flight: Avianca Airlines

Thurs: Flight AV1684: Departs UIO at 10:25 AM.  Departs GYE at 12:00 PM.  Arrives GPS at 12:50 PM.
Thurs: Flight AV1633: Departs GPS at 10:10 AM.  Arrives GYE at 13:00 PM.  Arrives UIO at 14:35 PM.

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The Galapagos Master is a 106 ft dive cruise with 9 cabins accommodating 16 divers.  Their Wolf-Darwin itinerary includes a total of up to 20 dives and 3 land visits.  The yacht is fully air-conditioned and features comfortable social areas, sundecks and a bar.  For photographers, there is a rinse tank and camera tables.

RATES:  $4750-$4850 pp for 7 Nights / $6150-$6300 for 10 Nights.  Unlimited Nitrox $150.  Beer, wine and liquor available at extra charge. Discounts: No

ITINERARY:  Departures are from San Cristobal on Monday.

Day 1 Mon: Arrive San Cristobal - PM: Isla Lobos Check Out Dive
Day 2 Tues: AM: Punta Carrion  1 Dive  PM: N. Seymour land visit
Day 3 Wed: Darwin up to 4 Dives
Day 4 Thu: Darwin up to 4 Dives
Day 5 Fri: Wolf up to 4 Dives and a night dive
Day 6 Sat: Punta Vicente Roca 

Day 7 Sun:AM: Dive Cousins Rock PM: Highlands of Santa Cruz. Charles Darwin Station.

Day 8 Mon: Interpretation Center. Departure 

Total Dives: 20
Total Land visits: 3

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The Galapagos Sky  is a 100-foot first class custom-built dive liveaboard that accommodates 16 passengers.  Their Wolf-Darwin itinerary includes a total of 18-20 dives and 2 land visits. Fully air-conditioned, its interior features teak paneling and furnishings, a dining area, a fully stocked bar and a main salon with an audio/video entertainment center. On deck there is ample space for personal dive gear storage and an open deck for sunbathing.

Staterooms have ensuite bath facilities, hairdryers and individual air-conditioning controls. Deluxe cabins are lower deck with portholes for light and twin berths.  Master cabins are upper deck with windows for views and berths are convertible to 1 bed.

Rates: $5495 pp Deluxe Stateroom; $5695 Master Stateroom pp until 31 May.  After $5695 pp Deluxe Stateroom (lower deck twin berth); $5895 Master Stateroom pp. (upper deck convertible to 1 bed) Fuel surcharge and Nitrox included.  Discounts: A $200 discount is available to Senior divers (age 62+), Dive Instructors and to active or retired Military personnel. 

Itinerary:  Departures are from San Cristobal on Sunday.

Day 1 Sun: Arrival / Check In - Isla Lobos check out dive
Day 2 Mon: AM: Bartolome land visit PM: Cousins
Day 3 Tue:  Wolf + 1 night dive
Day 4 Wed:  Darwin
Day 5 Thu: AM:  Darwin PM: Wolf
Day 6 Fri: AM: Cabo Douglas.  PM: Punta Vicente Roca
Day 7 Sat:  AM: Islote Dumb (Pinzon) 1 dive.  PM: Highlands of Santa Cruz.
Day 8 Sun: Interpretation Center visit. Departure.
Total Dives: 18-20
Total Land visits: 3

Equipment Rental:  Full kit rental is $200 per week / computer rental is $75 per week.

Official Flight:  Avianca Airlines.  Please note that if you are on the official flight day of departure, you can prepay your National Park entrance fee and TCT visitor card fee and be checked in as a group...a real convenience.

Sun: Flight AV1636: Departs UIO at 09:00 AM.  Departs GYE at 10:40 AM.  Arrives SCY at 11:30 AM.
Sun: Flight AV1637: Departs SCY at 12:30 PM.  Arrives GYE at 15:20 PM.  Arrives UIO at 17:00 PM.

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Nortada: The itinerary includes up to 20 dives and 3 land visits.  Nortada just went through a complete rebuild/refit in 2014 and accommodates 8 divers.  All cabins are lower deck, twin berths with one additional berth for storage or can fit 3 in a cabin. The vessel is 85 ft / 25.9 mt long and 18 ft/ 5.4 mt beam.  She is smaller, but carries half as many divers as other liveaboards which is great while diving.

All cabins have private heads and air conditioning.  The main deck has a dining area and lounge as well as a sun deck. The dive platform has benches, camera tables and Nortada is a rebreather friendly vessel.  Nautilus Lifelines, dive alerts and SMBs are provided.The crew consists of the Captain, 1 mechanic, 1 cook, 2 sailors and 1 guide.
Rate:  2016 High Season (June-Dec) is $4938 pp.  Nitrox is included.  2017 rates:  Low season (Jan-June) $4595 pp plus $150 Nitrox.  High season (June - Jan) $5595 pp plus $150 Nitrox.


Day 1 Fri:  AM: Arrive Baltra. Meet in Puerto Ayora. PM: Check dive Puerto Ayora
Day 2 Sat: AM) Punta Carrion.  PM: Cousins Rock
Day 3 Sun: Wolf
Day 4 Mon: Darwin
Day 5 Tue: Wolf
Day 6 Wed: AM: Cabo Douglas.  PM: Punta Vicente Roca
Day 7 Thu: Cabo Marshall.
Day 8 Fri: Darwin Research Station.  Departure.

Total Dives: Up to 20
Total Land Visits: 3

Equipment Rental:  Full kit rental is $275 and includes a computer.  

Official Flight:  TAME Airlines

Fri: Flight EQ 193. Departs UIO at 09:00 AM.  Departs GYE at 10:30 AM.  Arrives GPS at 11:30 AM.
Fri: Flight EQ 192.  Departs GPS 12:30 PM.  Arrives GYE at 15:10 PM.  Arrives UIO at 17:00 PM

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