July 17, 2017


Every year, the whale sharks season at the Galapagos is from June through November; the best time to dive with them in a unique location.

Whale sharks are the largest fish in the world, with adults regularly in the 10 to 12-meter variety (33 to 40 feet).

The Galapagos Islands are placed at the convergence of three grand oceanic currents: The cool, deep Cromwell Current, the cold Humboldt Current, and the warm Panama Current. The whale shark lives in the world’s tropical and warm-temperate oceans. Every June at the Galapagos, the land and water mix into a perfect temperature, creating a great climate for them.

This kind of shark especially is slow filter feeding, extracts plankton from the sea and also small fish. They move into the sea in regular routes to feed.

The Islands of the Galapagos, offer lots of natural outcrop during whale shark season, so more plankton, their favorite.

Underwater, the wind, current, water temperature defines the most outstanding area to discover the whale sharks.

To have an incredible experience, should consider some security advice control your movements, approach slowly. Don´t try to chase or touch them; for pictures or videos try first a full frame of the shark.