I am so connected with the ocean.

Sometimes, I feel as though the salt water of the majestic Pacific Ocean running through my veins. I can close my eyes in a day dream and sense the tranquility of being Oceanside. It doesn't matter where I am at, the Galapagos Islands will always be in my heart and soul.
Located of the western coast of Ecuador, The Galapagos Island has the reputation of being the most pure and marvelous marine underwater preserve in the world. The underwater dives are spectacular, and never disappoint.
These remote islands are known as the Enchanted Island too avid divers from all corners of the planet.  Come and live a unique experience up close and personal with massive schools of fish, whale sharks, hammerhead sharks, seals, eagle rays, turtles, golden rays, playful sea lions, marine iguanas, baby penguins, red-lipped batfish, seahorses, horn sharks and the most amazing variety of beautiful animals. Nowhere are so many exotic wild life creatures concentrated for your viewing pleasure.
Galapagos Scuba diving offers you the opportunity to revive your inner spirit with their 4 daily diving tours and 17 different varieties of dives to best meet your desires to swim like a fish.  Each offered each and every week with trained master divers, and with professional crew members familiar with the local waters.
They are also the best making you feel comfortable at sea with their live-aboard, overnight excursions to visit the famous and remote Wolf and Darwin Islands, the little piece of paradise that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime to experience the dive of a lifetime.
Give yourself the gift of a magical vacation, where luxury abounds, aboard a family oriented or more adventures yachts, both afford by Galasam, the best Galapagos Operator with more than 30 years of experience making dreams come true for thousands of tourist from around the globe.
Experience the fascination of an incredible encounter with the famous Galapagos sharks, whale sharks, mantas, and myriad other species that literally pass right by your face and steal a whisper from your soul.
All this is yours’s in a fascinating expedition in the depths of the sea, all while being guided by experienced guides of Galasam that will help draw you closer to nature in its most pure and natural state.
I promise you that you will experience lots of breathtaking action packed moments and I´m sure you’ll have memories for a lifetime from your diving holiday. You’ll get the connection, and love affair of the Pacific ocean that has infected me.  Gazing at a romantic sunset, and getting close to nature surrounding this spectacular reef, with it’s amazing views from beneath the crystal blue waters of the Pacific.
Enjoy The Galapagos, and by no means forget your camera to capture some memories that will last a lifetime.
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